Creating ‘MindRape’ Images.

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Photoshop

A few weeks ago in my photography class, I was set the assignment of creating a series of ‘Patterns in the environment’ photos. Being me, I don’t like doing things ‘by the book’ so I came up with a way to get some originality in my set (Not saying this hasn’t been done before, because I bet my bottom dollar it has.)

I wanted to create a real sense of disorientation and confusion whilst giving the viewer a real spectacle to look at.

So I came up with this

Creating the image was a really simple, easy and fun process, all you need is a decent enough picture in the first place.

Whats decent, I hear you ask? Well theres no saying whether a photo is decent or not, but in this case, to give your image this look, your photo MUST have one thing, It must contain a lead in line, which is a line that draws your eye right into the picture, also if you want to make life a little easier, have the lead in lines lead right into the middle of the image.

1 – To start, open up your desired image in photoshop.

As you can see with this image, the lines leading into the middle of the image really draw your eye in to it, which is always a good start.

2 – select one half of either side of the image (whichever side you think looks best) using the square select tool.


3 – Duplicate the selection (CTRL+J)

4 – Go to Edit>Transform>Flip horizontal

5 – Hit CTRL+T and move around that half of the image, making sure everything matches up.

6 – If theres a line where the two images meet, with mine I used a short black to white gradient for a mask.

7 – Flatten your image

8 – Select the top half of your image

9 – Now duplicate it (CTRL+J)

10 – Go to Edit>Transform>Flip Vertical

11 – Hit CTRL+T and move it into place

12 – Flatten your image

13 – Rotate 90 degrees and crop your image to suit your needs 🙂

And there you have it, of course there are exceptions to this, if your lead in lines dont come to an end right in the middle of the picture, then all you have to do is adjust the ‘Canvas Size’ to create space for the extra pixels 🙂

Have fun



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