Sometimes, once every so often, you’ll take a picture, which needs only very little amount of processing, which I believe to be one of the best indicators to a strong image.

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Photoshop

Just something that’s been on my mind a lot recently… 95% of the time, I take pictures that come out *alright*, with nothing really too special about them, and this is where I thank god for my knowledge of photoshop, which really does help out something chronic, but what about the other 5% of the time? Well this is the 5% of my photos that I cherish, and am most proud of, this small group of photos, to me, are the photos that only ever seem to need tiny amounts of processing in order to look their best.

This is one of my favorite examples, and in my opinion one of my much stronger images.

Its a statue to commemorate those who gave their lives in the great war, and I couldn’t imagine a better way in which to process the image, its straight to the point, simple, effective and really captures the monument in the best way possible.

This is the really short process in which I edited it

First, I made some very minor tweaks in Camera RAW, sharpness, brightness, contrast exposure and the like.

I then added a gradient map to give the image a sepia look.

To finish, I masked through the colour in the flags, if you asked me why I did this, I wouldnt be able to tell you, it just feels like it was meant to be like that, as if it is wrong without it, and thats EVERYTHING I did to the picture, nothing more.

This was never really intended to be a photoshop ‘how to,’ of course if you didn’t know about gradient maps, camera RAW and masking, then maybe so, but the intention behind this was to show that heavy processing isn’t always the answer, sure the end product will look good, but the self satisfaction when you know yourself that you’ve taken an image to remember is, to put it simply, unbeatable.

Rob Ellis.


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